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CUMMINS - Permanent Generators
for Temporary Power Outages

The size of your generator depends on how much power you need. Do you want to back up your whole house or just select appliances? It usually comes down to your budget and how comfortable you want to be during an outage.  Read this article on How to size a whole home generator

Cummins QuietConnect™ home standby generators

The Air Cooled QuietConnect comes in 3 Sizes 

RS13A – 13 KW

RS17A – 17 KW

RS20A – 20 KW

The Liquid Cooled QuietConnect is for larger homes and small businesses

The Liquid Cooled QuietConnect is for larger homes and small businesses RS25 - 25KW RS30 - 30 KW RS36 - 36 KW RS40 - 40 KW RS50 - 50 KW RS60 - 60 KW 

RS25 – 25KW

RS30 – 30 KW

RS36 – 36 KW

RS40 – 40 KW

RS50 – 50 KW

RS60 – 60 KW 

Your power can go out at any time, but finding peace of mind doesn’t have to be a headache. Cummins QuietConnect™ home standby generators are safe, permanent and convenient backup solutions for your entire house. While portable generators are ideal for tailgating, camping and other outdoor uses, they can’t fully power homes, need constant refueling and require cords and cables.

Cummins QuietConnect standby generators, on the other hand, are connected to your home’s natural gas or propane line and always ready. The moment they sense an interruption in power, they turn on and begin quietly and efficiently powering your home. Once the outage is over, they reconnect your home to the power grid and shut themselves off. For maximum power and convenience, QuietConnect home standby generators are the ideal backup solution.


The QuietConnect design allows installation close to your home, and the sleek appearance blends into your landscape.


QuietConnect home standby generators offer an eco-friendly way to run diagnostics without starting the engine, decreasing fuel consumption and noise.


Intelligent learning allows homeowners to do more with a smaller generator, providing optimal performance and convenience.


With powerful motor starting ability, these generators can easily start and run a 5-ton A/C under full pre-load.


Cummins standby generators are designed to operate at 0˚ F out of the box. An optional extreme cold weather solution is available for generators that regularly endure extreme cold.


Advanced remote monitoring allows you to monitor and control your generator at no cost and from almost anywhere using a mobile device.


Cummins offers a competitive base warranty with fewer exclusions than other brands. 13-, 17- and 20-kW models include a 5-year/2,000-hour limited warranty; 25-150 kW models include a 2-year limited warranty. Cost-effective extended warranty options allow for full coverage for up to 10 years. 

CUMMINS - Portable Generators

Designed to go wherever you do, Cummins’ new advanced portable generators bring together efficiency, power and performance. These three versatile and reliable products are all backed by Cummins’ North American support network to ensure that you’ll always have power when and where

Onan P2500i

Onan P2500i Generator

2500 watt digital inverter gasoline portable generator

Running watts: 2200
Peak watts: 2500
Noise level: 52 dB

  • Quiet and durable – Double-insulated
  • Lightweight – Easy to carry
  • Keeps you connected – Low THD for clean power – perfect for sensitive electronics
  • Fuel efficient – 1 gallon fuel tank that runs 10 hours at 25% load

Onan P4500i

Onan P4500i Generator

Most Popular

4500 watt digital inverter gasoline portable generator

Running watts: 3700
Peak watts: 4500
Noise level: 52 dB

  • Push button and remote start – Pull cord backup
  • Quiet and durable – Double-insulated
  • Fuel efficient – 3.4 gallon fuel tank that runs 18 hours at 25% load
  • Lightweight – At 98 lbs. and with a telescopic handle and wheels it’s lighter and easier to manage

Onan P4500iDF

Onan P4500iDF Generator

4500 watt dual fuel gasoline/propane portable generator

Running watts: 3,700 gas | 3,330 propane
Peak watts: 4,500 gas | 4050 propane
Noise level: As low as 52 dB

  • Push button and remote start – Pull cord backup
  • Dual fuel with the flip of a switch – Easily switch from gas to propane with a fuel capacity of 3.6 gallons
  • Lightweight – 104.7 lbs, with a telescopic handle and wheels, easy to manage

Onan P9500DF

Onan P9500DF Generator

9500 watt dual fuel (gas/LPG) gasoline/propane portable generator

Running watts: 7500 gas | 6750 propane
Peak watts: 9500 gas | 8550 propane
Noise level: 74 dB

  • Push button and remote start – Pull cord backup
  • Dual fuel with the flip of a switch – Easily switch from gas to propane with a fuel capacity of 6.6 gallons
  • Essential data display – VFT Data Center displays volts, frequency and lifetime hours

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