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Do you often run out of hot water? Do you wish there was a way to get hot water at all times? If so, install a tankless water heater! A tankless water heater offers a perfect way to get an almost unlimited supply of hot water.

At Fry Heating & Cooling, we offer installation, repair and maintenance of tankless water heaters. Serving residents and businesses for over 90 years, we’re confident that we have what you’re looking for.

Reliable – Endless Hot Water

Are you planning to replace your existing tankless water heater? Or, perhaps, you’ve decided it’s time to make a switch to this type of water heater. Whatever your case is, Fry Heating & Cooling is ready to help deliver the best solution for you.

We know there are tons of tankless water heaters in the market. Plus, you have to make sure the unit is the right size for your needs. With many considerations and options, shopping for a tankless water heater can be difficult for some. 

But worry not!  At Fry Heating & Cooling, we’re ready to help you find the best tankless water heater for you and your home or business. for you and your home or business.

What Are The Advantages Of A Tankless Water Heater?

Tankless water heaters have been growing in popularity in recent years. Many people are making the switch because of the many benefits they offer:

  • Endless hot water – Tankless water heater works by heating water as you need it. Unlike the tank type, which heats water constantly, a tankless water heater only heats water when there’s a demand. So as long as there’s water flowing in your plumbing and the tankless water heater is working fine, you’ll never run out of hot water.
  • Efficiency – Tankless water heaters only consume power when you ask for hot water. There are no standby energy losses, so you can enjoy significant savings on your energy bill. Most tankless water heaters are up to 96% efficient while Hot Water Tanks are 80% efficient.
  • Compact size – A tankless water heater takes up much less space than a traditional tanked-type system. This is perfect for those with limited space or want to locate the tankless in a more serviceable location.
  • Longer service life – Since tankless water heaters don’t have tanks, which can rust and corrode due to mineral and sediment build-up, they tend to last longer. Tankless units do require annual maintenance to keep the heat exchanger clean.

Tankless water heaters offer an incredible way to get hot water at all times. The cost of a tankless is close to the larger 75 gallon and higher hot water tanks. Making the upgrade to a tankless much more economical than ever before.

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