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January 2022

It is so nice to see January close its doors and move into the history books. The weather was exceptionally cold, Covid wreaked havoc in our office and technician teams, and parts were a little harder to get than usual.

On a very positive note: To all who have used our services this past month, you have been the best customers ever! Thank you for being kind, welcoming, patient and generous to our technicians and staff. There is no greater gift than to work with people who really care. Your kindness fills us all with gratitude.

We want to thank all of our valued customers who gave reviews, your feedback helps us become a better provider of service and guides us to deliver the kind of experiences that you desire. Your kind words and positive encouragement helps each of our team members be their very best every day. It has been our pleasure helping you with your Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing needs.

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Breathe Easy!

The current cold weather we are experiencing is hard on your HVAC equipment.  Furnaces are running longer and harder during this time of year.  With all this run time, please pay close attention to your air filters, changing them out if needed to help reduce the strain on your furnace.  A clean air filter helps your system breathe easier!

Members Always Save!

To our valued members, you are wise beyond words.  Being a member gives you a variety of savings in more ways than just money.  Of course, money is important as members receive 20% discounts on all service work and 10% discount on all new equipment purchases.  And yes, for those special VIP members, membership has its privileges for all types of priority scheduling, both service and maintenance.  

But did you know that having your system maintained each year also radically reduces the probability of you not having heat or cooling when you need it?  To give some insights, our data shows that in the month of January we had 517 Emergency Service calls.  Out of all those calls, less than 9% were customer with annual maintenance plans.  Maintenance keeps your equipment working properly, minimizing the emergency calls, saving you money and more importantly, giving you piece of mind. 

If you are not a maintenance customer and want to learn more, please check us out online at https://fryheating.com/services/.

We appreciate everyone’s patience this season.  Equipment and parts have been in shorter supply than what we would like.  We do have a large inventory of our most popular furnaces to ensure we can supply our customers with replacements.  For those who want something special, some of the less popular furnaces have slightly longer lead times.

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Shout Out!

A shout out to Jonathan Anderson, one of our Fry team members for outstanding performance!  Jonathan has been Fry team member for 2 years and counting.  We are very proud of Jonathan and what he has accomplished in that short amount of time.  He has grown from being an installation assistant to a lead installer.  He continually demonstrates outstanding workmanship, has extensive HVAC knowledge, communicates exceptionally, and receives excellent reviews in customer service.  We feel that it is our duty to inform our customers that if you have Jonathan performing work for you, then you can rest assured that it will be done correctly, professionally, and he will leave your home in better shape than when he arrived.  If Jonathan is at your home, please congratulate him on his success!

Flowers Fry Heating

Looking forward to Spring

Spring will be here before you know it.  I am looking forward to seeing the flower pop up, buds on the trees, and NO SNOW!!

Spring is our most busy time of the year at Fry.  This is the time of the year that most replacement systems are installed, as you might guess, before the HEAT arrives.  Over the past few years, spring has seemed to be rather short.  We go from cool nights to hot days.  

To help as many customers as possible with replacements, we have increased our installation capacity.  If you are interested in updating your Furnace and/or AC system, please reach out to us so we can ensure we have what you need and a place on the schedule. 

Lastly, it is hard to put into words how grateful we are to all the kind- and warm-hearted customers that we have been able to help in the past few months.  It is a testament that Fry Heating & Cooling has the best customers in the area, and we are grateful for this.

Thank you from all of us at Fry Heating & Cooling!

The Fry Team


March-thumbs 1

It’s been difficult to compose an opening to this March Newsletter without reflecting on and giving support to our brothers and sisters in the Ukraine. Most of us will never experience war in the way that the Ukrainian population is seeing day to day. This tragedy of epic proportion shapes our outlook and hopefully brings us all together in ways that were not possible only months ago.

march - thumbs 2

Photo: Emilio Morenatti/AP/https://abcnews.go.com/International/mental-health-effects-ukraine-war-zone-children/story?id=83203801

24 Months at 0% – it’s so EASY!

To help all our customers who need new equipment, we are offering a pre-summer special, a payment plan that will take the sting out of inflation and keep you feeling comfortable all year. Making it EASY with 24 monthly payments at 0% interest. Need something different? We can do that too!

Flowers Fry Heating

Spring is heading our way!

Spring is at our doorstep, welcoming, warming, and bringing new life, this new season is nearly upon us. Bringing us all hope that tomorrow will be a better day than today.  

Spring is magical and full of mystery, bringing with it beautiful colors, rich scents of newly blossoming trees, flowers, and the smell of cut grass. I’ll even take the allergies that come with all this new life, especially when armed with technology to keep air clean and breathable. (Call us about a Reme Halo!)

Clean air needs Clean Ducts!  

When was the last time you had your air ducts cleaned? Right now is the best time for a good cleaning. Are you ready your ducts to be cleaned? Give us a call today!

March - Thumbs 4

Shout Out!

For March, this shout out belongs to Tom Newton. Tom is a lead installer on Team Fry. For those customers who are blessed with Tom on their projects, you are getting one of the best in the business. Tom is a perfectionist, kind, generous and delivers the kind of customer experience that people write books about. Above all, he is a great listener and strives to always do the right thing for the customers. We are honored to have him on our team. If you have Tom in your home or business, you can rest assured that the job will be done right and that you will have a system that will perform its best for years to come. Should you meet Tom, please congratulate him on his success. We are all proud of you Tom!

VIP Members

Did you know that VIP members always save? VIP members receive an automatic 20% off all service work and 10% off new equipment purchases, every time, all the time. Take advantage of these savings while receiving annual maintenance.

March - Thumbs 5

R22 is Going Away

Do you have an older AC system that uses R22 gas? If so, this gas is phased out, making this gas hard to get and very expensive. We are contacting all our customers who have this refrigerant gas, if you are one of these customers, please get on our maintenance plan to ensure you can get topped off if needed before it is completely gone. Only while supplies last.

Thank you!

A heartfelt Thank You to all our customers. We are honored to be able to touch so many and are energized by the kindness and generosity that we receive in return. We are very blessed to have the best customers in the area. 

Thank you from all of us at Fry Heating & Cooling! 

Dan Pienta & The Fry Team.

April 2022 Fry Heating

Leadership 101

Leadership. What is leadership? What does good leadership look like? The answer: The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy who has stood up to the bully next door, remaining in Kyiv even after his advisors wanted him to leave for a safer place and doing whatever it takes to save the Ukrainian people and their culture. Zelenskyy shows us a style of Leadership that we all can learn from, even if it is half a world away and at the highest level of power and influence. He has inspired millions to take a stand for freedom. Zelenskyy is leading.

Smiley Fry Heating

Leadership may sound like something that many feel they don’t have or can’t do. I would beg to differ. Leadership starts at home, at your place of business, your place of worship, and the communities you care about. Leadership is not about a title. Just look at Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, both were champions of world changing causes and strong Leaders without question.

We all can lead. Leadership is the willingness to speak up, to act, and make a difference. It just takes courage and a commitment to help others, let your voice be heard. Be strong and lead.

Flowers Fry Heating

Spring is here

Spring has finally arrived, and Fry has begun the “Spring has Sprung” sale. All new equipment is on sale, including AC’s, Furnaces, hot water heaters, and duct cleaning services. Take advantage of this sales event and be ready for the heat of summer. Call today for an estimate, “Spring has Sprung” sale ends April 30th, 2022. Call 419-472-1106 (Ohio) or 734-203-0347 (Michigan)

More Money in your Wallet

The spring sale has even more to offer. To help you and your wallet, check out the spring payment options: Everyone has access to 12 months at 0%, and depending on your FICO score and with a small upfront payment, you can enjoy 24 months at 0%. Call us for details.

Did you know?

Each year we replace hundreds of hot water heaters. This past year we have seen a shift from conventional tank water heaters to high efficiency tankless water heaters. These units offer endless hot water with the highest efficiency. To find out more, give us a call. And yes, we can help your plumbing issues, too!

Shout Out!

For April, it is my distinct honor to give this month’s “Shout Out” to two key members of the Fry Team. When you call in, it is likely you will talk to Amber or Jennifer. I am proud to say, these two ladies are the best in class. They are passionate about serving you, our valued customer. They listen to your needs, get you on the schedule fast, are easy to work with, and are the kind of people who you enjoy working with. We are incredibly blessed to have them on the team. They represent and display the core values of Fry and help make Fry a better place. The next time you are on the phone with either Amber or Jennifer, please be sure to tell them “Thank you” for going beyond the call of duty. Congratulations Amber and Jennifer!

Thank you!

It has been an honor to serve you all. As we move into the spring season, I am sure we will see many more of you. We look forward to being our best and helping you stay comfortable in your home or business. Let us know what we can be doing to better serve your needs!

Thank you to all the customers who sent us responses from the March Newsletter. Your thoughtful words are encouraging. Please continue to send your thoughts and suggestions. You inspire us to be better!

Thank you from all of us at Fry Heating & Cooling!

Dan Pienta & The Fry Team

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