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Quality Tankless Water Heaters
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Do you run out of hot water all the time? We know it’s frustrating and inconvenient. As your go-to experts in everything HVAC, we at Fry Heating & Cooling recommend homeowners like you with a sleek, highly efficient unit that can heat water on demand. 

This system is called a tankless water heater Sylvania, OH. But if you’re not sure if buying one is right for you, learn more about it and its advantages and disadvantages right here.

Tankless Water Heater Sylvania

Pros of Using Tankless of Water Heater Technology


The size of modern tank-type water heaters has become larger. The federal government now mandates thicker insulation to curb standby losses. This prevents it from fitting into places where an old heater of the same capacity could be installed. On the other hand, a tankless gas heater hangs on the wall and is only about the size of a suitcase.


In contrast to tank-type heaters, it won’t leak gallons of water, or harbor Legionella bacteria, or fall over in an earthquake. The ventilation system is sealed, so carbon monoxide cannot leak into the house if backdrafting occurs.

Easy to Winterize

Before closing up a vacation home for the winter, vacation-home owners know how much time it takes to drain a water heater tank. A tankless water heater Sylvania, OH can be drained as quickly as a few seconds with a compressor; then simply unplug it.

Higher Efficiency

With condensing gas heaters, 96 percent of the fuel’s heat can be extracted. This is a 17 percent boost compared to first-generation tankless units! This is attributed to a second heat exchanger that takes in much of the exhaust heat before it moves out of the vent.

Instant Hot Water

It only takes around 15 seconds for a tankless water heater Sylvania, OH to bring water up to temperature, however, just like your tank-type heater, you still need to wait for the hot water to be carried through at your faucet or shower head.

If there’s more than 50 feet distance between fixture and heater, find a unit with a built-in recirculation pump. This saves water and reduces your waiting time. By using a timer, your smartphone, a push button, a smart speaker or motion sensor, you can turn on the pump which will then push the cold water in the pipes back through the heater.

The result? In about a minute, the pump is shut down. Say hello to instant hot water when you open the tap.

Wi-Fi Compatible

If your tankless units have digital connectivity, you can easily use your phone to adjust the temperature and monitor your gas and hot-water usage.

But what’s better is that it can identify the source of a problem then pass on that information to your plumber. Then we, at Fry Heating & Cooling, can show up with the knowledge of what needs to be done.

Cons of Using Tankless Water Heater Technology

On the other hand, here are the disadvantages of getting a tankless water heater.

Sensitive to Slow Flow

It automatically shuts off when:

  • The pipes are clogged with too much scale
  • Faucet and showerhead aerators are clogged
  • A turned-down faucet reduced water flow to about 0.3 gpm

ROI Takes Time

In comparison with a $400 tank heater, a $1,000 tankless gas heater may save a household only about $100 annually, depending on its efficiency and the amount of water usage.

But since tankless gas units last longer, the savings kick in after six years, right around the time that most tanks reach the end of their lifespan.

Are You Set To Get Your New Tankless Heater?

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