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York – #1 in Best Value

Johnson Controls Company and the Strength of the York Brand in Heating and Cooling Solutions Johnson Controls is a global leader in creating smart, safe, and sustainable building environments. Founded in 1885, the company has expanded its reach into multiple industries, including HVAC systems, building automation, and fire and security systems. One of Johnson Controls’ most […]


HEEHRA REBATES FOR HOME ENERGY UPGRADES ARE ALMOST HERE! If you’re a homeowner contemplating an upgrade to your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, you’ll find that (HEEHRA) point-of-sale rebates can substantially reduce your immediate financial outlay. Unlike traditional rebates or tax credits, which necessitate paying the full cost upfront and then waiting for […]

Energy Efficiency Saves Big!

Energy Efficiency: The Benefits of Upgrading to Dual Fuel Systems for Low and Moderate-Income Households The Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan regions experience significant temperature fluctuations throughout the year, making energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions vital for homeowners. One such solution gaining popularity is the dual fuel system, which combines a natural gas (NG) furnace […]

#1 – Heat Pump and Natural Gas Furnace

Heat Pumps and Natural Gas FurnacesThe Perfect Hybrid System One solution that has been growing in popularity is the combination of heat pumps and natural gas furnaces, otherwise known as a Hybrid system.  Homeowners in our area face a unique set of challenges when it comes to keeping their homes comfortable and energy efficient. With […]

Everything You Need to Know About Heating Repair

heating repair service in Sylvania, OH

Winter is a difficult season for heat problems, and whenever you experience one, you should address it as soon as possible. Although your comfort may be the most important concern, if heating equipment fails, it can create serious issues for your house or business. Continue reading to understand why prompt heating repair service in Sylvania, […]

Home Heating Systems: When to Repair and What Options Are Available for Replacement?

Home Heating Systems: When to Repair and What Options Are Available for Replacement? A well-functioning heating system is essential to maintain comfort and warmth in your home during the colder months. As with any mechanical system, wear and tear can lead to a decline in performance, causing homeowners to face the dilemma of whether to […]

Modulating Furnace is Most Efficient

    Embracing Energy Efficiency: Understanding Furnace Choices and Their Impact As regulations have led to more energy-efficient furnaces, it’s essential to understand their differences and how they impact your energy consumption and overall costs. This article will delve into the various furnace types, their efficiency levels, and how to choose the right one for […]

Single‐Stage, Two‐Stage, or Modulating Furnace?

Efficiency HVAC

Understanding Furnace Types: A Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners As a homeowner, choosing the right furnace for your home can be a daunting task. With a variety of options available, it’s essential to understand the differences between furnace types and their value propositions. This article aims to break down the different types of furnaces, making it […]

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