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FRY VIP & Fry 365 HomeCare Memberships

FRY VIP & FRY 365 HomeCare Memberships Include:

  • Priority Service – Members move to the head of the line for emergency service calls.
  • 24 Hour Response Time – Members will be serviced within 24 hours. 
  • Priority Scheduled Maintenance.  Get scheduled ahead of the rush to ensure your system is performing properly.
  • Up to 20% Automatic Discounts on Service Work Performed.
  • Up to 10% Automatic Discounts on New Equipment Purchases.

Whether you have our FRY VIP Membership or the FRY 365 HomeCare Membership, we want to ensure that we provide our customers with the services you deserve.

Fry 365 HomeCare is a new Subscription based membership for $4.99 per month.  

The Fry VIP is an Annual Membership that comes with 2 maintenance visits per year for $299.00.

Priority Service: Membership Matters!

When a Member needs service, they will be put at the top of the list to be serviced before non Members.

24-hour response time: Members go first!

If a Member calls before noon for a demand service call, we will run the call that day. If the customer calls in the afternoon or after hours, we will run the call the following day.

Membership Maintenance Plans: 

Member Agreement customers who receive annual cleanings, help keep equipment running it’s best and most efficient.

Extend equipment life: Maintenance saves!

Regular Maintenance on a system extends the life of your equipment.  Saving you time, heartache and money!

Up to 20% Discount on Services:   All Members Save

All Members receive automatic discounts on repairs, up to a 20% discount will be applied for repairs performed during any visit.

Up to 10% Discount on new equipment purchases:  All Members Save

All Members receive up to a 10% discount for all new equipment.   Being a Fry 365 or VIP Member saves you money all year.

Maximize energy efficiency: Members Save

Regular maintenance on a system allows the system to run easier and therefore more efficiently.  Lowering operating cost and helping the system last longer.

Exclusive offers and promotions:

Members receive all specials and promotions.

Moving in or out? 

Fry encourages customers to either transfer their maintenance contract to their new home or leave it for the new homeowner.

Extended warranty on repairs: Members get more

The parts warranty is extended for one year for any repairs purchased with a Member Maintenance agreement.

Fill out the form to sign up today!

Being a Member is very valuable, giving each customer comfort and peace of mind. 

You can reach our team at 491-472-1106 (Ohio) or 734-203-0347 (Michigan) for details!

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