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Membership Fry heating & Cooling Home Luxury Toledo, OH Maumee, OH Holland, OH Sylvania, OH Rossford, OH Perrysburg, OH Swanton, OH Monclova, OH Whitehouse, OH Waterville, OH Erie, MI Temperance, MI Lambertville, MI Ottawa Lake, MI Ann Arbor, MI Saline, MI Ypsilanti, MI Monroe, MI

Fry VIP Membership Program:

Welcome to the VIP experience of home maintenance with the Fry VIP Membership. For just $299 per year, your home becomes our top priority with a plethora of benefits designed to make your life easier.

The Fry VIP Membership is the perfect option designed for homes with a single furnace, complemented by either an Air Conditioning unit or a Heat Pump, along with a conventional hot water tank. If this reflects your household setup, you’ll find this membership to be an excellent fit.

As a Fry VIP Member, here are the exceptional benefits that await you:

  1. Priority Service: No more waiting in long queues for emergency services. As a VIP Member, your needs are prioritized, ensuring immediate attention and speedy resolutions.

  2. Guaranteed 24-Hour Response Time: We understand that some issues can’t afford delay. If you make a service request before noon, count on us to address it on the very same day. For later or after-hour calls, we pledge to resolve them first thing the following day.

  3. Advanced Scheduled Maintenance: Stay ahead with regular maintenance that enhances your system’s longevity and operational efficiency. VIP Members can schedule maintenance sessions in advance, helping to keep operating costs low and system performance high.

  4. On-Demand Plumbing Services: Leaky faucets, clogged drains, or a malfunctioning water heater won’t trouble you anymore. We’re there to handle all your plumbing needs, whenever you need them.

  5. Exclusive Discounts: VIP Members enjoy generous automatic discounts. Benefit from up to 20% off on service work and save up to 10% on new equipment purchases.

  6. Biannual Maintenance Visits: With your VIP Membership, you’ll receive two scheduled maintenance visits per year, ensuring your systems are always in peak condition.

  7. VIP-only Offers and Promotions: Stay informed about our special offers, promotions, and deals exclusively tailored for our esteemed VIP Members.

  8. Flexible Contract: Moving? No worries. You can either transfer your maintenance contract to your new address or leave it as a welcome gift for the new homeowner, enhancing your property’s appeal.

  9. Extended Warranty on Repairs: Experience peace of mind with an additional year of extended parts warranty on all repairs done under your VIP Membership.

Enroll in the Fry VIP Membership program today, and indulge in premium home maintenance services. At Fry, we ensure you always feel like the Very Important Person you are.

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Fry 365 HomeCare Premium Subscription:

Welcome to Fry’s 365 HomeCare Premium, a gateway to our unparalleled customer experience. For a nominal fee of just $4.99 per month, you’ll gain access to an exclusive suite of benefits meticulously crafted to simplify your home maintenance routine.

Fry 365 HomeCare Premium: Who’s it for? This membership is designed with discerning customers in mind, those with intricate or expansive heating and cooling systems – be it multiple furnaces, ACs or Heat Pumps, or specialized units like boilers, mini-split systems, tankless hot water systems, or geothermal setups. If your home possesses such advanced equipment, our HomeCare Premium membership delivers comprehensive coverage, tailor-made to meet the demands of these complex systems.

As a Fry 365 HomeCare Premium member, you’ll gain access to the following benefits:

  1. Priority Service – Enjoy being at the forefront of our emergency service calls. Your urgent needs will always be our first priority, guaranteeing rapid, efficient, and effective service exactly when you need it.

  2. 24-Hour Response Time – We’re dedicated to addressing our members’ needs within a 24-hour window. Requests made before noon will be catered to on the same day, while afternoon or after-hour requests are assured first attention the next day.

  3. Priority Scheduled Maintenance – Proactively manage your system’s health by scheduling maintenance ahead of time, fostering optimal performance and longevity of your systems.

  4. Exclusive Savings – Enjoy automatic discounts of up to 20% on service work and up to 10% on new equipment purchases, exclusive to our members.

  5. Premium Plumbing Services – Gain on-demand access to critical plumbing services like resolving clogged drains, leaks, water heater repairs and replacements, sink and toilet issues, and more.

  6. Maintenance Benefits – Regular maintenance smoothens your system’s operations, enhances efficiency, and thereby lowers operational costs and extends system life.

  7. Exclusive Offers and Promotions – Stay updated with our special deals and promotions, exclusively curated for our members.

  8. Transferable Maintenance Contract – With Fry, moving houses is hassle-free. You can transfer your maintenance contract to your new residence or bequeath it to the new homeowner, adding value to your property.

  9. Extended Warranty on Repairs – Enjoy peace of mind with an extended one-year parts warranty on any repairs conducted as a member.

At Fry, we prioritize your needs and customize our services to match them. Join the Fry 365 HomeCare Premium program today and redefine your service experience. With Fry, you’re always in good hands.

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