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Hot Water Tank Basics

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Hot Water Tanks are the most popular way to heat and have hot water on demand. Is your hot water tank leaking? Or perhaps it’s just not keeping up with demand? Whatever the situation with your Hot Water Tank, you can count on Fry Heating & Cooling to help. Whether you need a service call, a maintenance plan, or a quick and professional replacement, have peace of mind with Fry Heating & Cooling.

How Does A Hot Water Tank Work?

Are you a first time owner of a Hot Water Tank? Understanding how this crazy piece of appliance works can help you take care of the unit better.

A Hot Water Tank consists of an insulated tank where the hot water is stored and pipes that deliver the hot water to your plumbing fixtures. Typically, the most common tanks hold 40 – 50 gallons of hot water. Some homes and businesses need larger volumes of hot water and therefore have larger tanks to cover the hot water demand.

Most Hot Water Tanks use electricity or natural gas, fewer use propane, the newest technology is heat pump water heaters, and for some, in the Northeast US, use fuel oil. These Hot Water Tanks constantly heat water to make sure there’s hot water at any time when needed.

Who Should Get A Hot Water Tank?

A Hot Water Tank can be a bit bulky; there should be enough space in your property to install this type of water heater. Even if you do have sufficient space, it’s best to understand the advantages and disadvantages of a Hot Water Tank so you can make an informed decision.

What are the benefits of a Hot Water Tank? For the standard 40-50 gallon water tank size, the biggest benefit is affordability. The upfront cost is much less expensive compared to a larger tank or the unlimited hot water – tankless option. It also does not have a minimum flow rate, meaning that a slow trickle of hot water has little to no impact on a Hot Water Tank. There is always hot water since there’s hot water ready for immediate use stored in the tank.

On the downside, a Hot Water Tank is always heating water. You go on vacation for a week, your hot water tank will still be running, whether you need hot water or not. And there’s a limit to how much hot water the tank can store. Have you ever had the time when you have had friends over, have a line for taking a shower, and you run out? Yes, someone gets a cold shower! This happens with Hot Water Tanks exclusively.

Who do You Call for Hot Water Tanks?

When you need help for your hot water, you can trust Fry Heating & Cooling. With our 90 years of experience, expertise, and knowledge about everything hot water, we can deliver all your needs and keep your hot water flowing!

We offer the following services for Hot water Tanks:

Hot Water Tank Replacement – When a tank leaks, that means it’s time for a replacement. When you don’t get a lot of hot water before the water gets cold, It’s time for a replacement. Tanks last on average 12 years. We see some that fail at 6 years and some that live to be over 30.

Hot Water Tank Repair – No hot water coming out of the plumbing fixtures? Our team can take a look at your unit and make recommendations or repairs. Please note that most hot water tanks are fairly maintenance free. Gas valve and pilot light assemblies are the most common repairs.

Flushing your hot water tank on an annual basis will help increase the longevity of the tank. Flushing helps to remove sediments from the bottom of the tank. Over time, mineral build up will reduce the effectiveness of a hot water tank and reduce the amount of hot water it can provide when demand is high.

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