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Humidification – Does Your AC Work for You?

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This summer has been one of the wettest summers in memory. Outside, the air is warm and sticky. But, inside, the air feels very different, at least it should.

When a home has the AC turned on, the system does more than just cool the air. The system is also pulling moisture out of the house. For some homes, the size of the equipment or the thermostat location can cause the home to be cooler and overly humid inside. An extremely humid home can feel clammy, require the thermostat setpoint to be lower than needed, and cost the homeowner additional energy. And when looking at human health, the humidity level in a home should have a relative humidity factor of 40% to 60%.

There are two types of AC systems: single-stage and multistage. Single-stage AC systems can only cool but not dehumidify at the same time. Multistage AC systems can both cool and dehumidify. A system that can dehumidify is typically a higher efficient model that allows the homeowner to set a humidity level at the thermostat, allowing the system to adjust the home to that setpoint. These systems are more than just an AC or a Furnace. They genuinely are heating / cooling / humidification systems. Thus, giving you the best quality of comfort and air for you and your home.

A lower humidification setpoint will feel cooler in the home and, more often, allow the homeowner to move their temperature setpoint a few degrees higher as a low humid home feels cooler than one with more humidity. Thus saving energy and providing more comfort.

Do you know that you can control the humidity in your home? Do you know what your humidity level is in your home? How do you manage your humidity? It is easier than ever to take control.

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